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John K's 1983 BRAT GL

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Car Description:
I first spotted my 1983 Brat GL at a garage sale in October of 2012 an told my brother in law about it. He purchased it an drove it for 2 years an did a few minor repairs to it. He was 82 and because it steered so hard he could no longer drive it. I purchased it from him in September 2014. I spent the first 5 years of ownership doing mechanical repairs to make my Subaru safe and reliable. Front CV shafts replaced, brake rotors turned, exhaust system replaced & automatic transmission modular valve replaced. My goal is to keep my Brat in completely stock condition. I've used original parts for repairs whenever possible. The past 1 1/2 years I have worked on the appearance issues. I had it repainted in 2020 trying to match original Cosmic Blue color. I had the wheels powder coated in 2021 to match original color and installed new tires the same as originally on the car. I've had to reupholster the drivers seat, but passenger seat is original. I found original rear jump seats for the bed as originally sold in the USA, to avoid the chicken tax on pick-ups. I also have 15" Peugeot alloy wheels with 195/60-15 Federal Himilayian winter tires. I plan to keep the EA 81 engine as long as parts are available to keep it running. Same with the 3 SP automatic transmission, but transmission shops won't touch those. I do have a 5 SP DR manual transmission available if/when the need arises.

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