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Kimberly D's 2022 Outback Wilderness

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Car Description:
Meet The Doctor! My 1st Subaru! 2022 Outback Wilderness who is a Whovian through and through. (It's a nerd thing.) And a pain in the you know what!

The Doctor is often found off the beaten path. Prefers long drives, and will never pass up a puddle to play in or a dirt road to explore. Loves the PNW and playing with the big boys! Mountains are her passion. The Doctor is a little offroad, a little overlanding, very little pavement princess, with a cure for the blues! She has gone through many stages as she has grown up, changing her looks as she matures! I have enjoyed being an inspiration and helping so many other Wilderness Builds.

The build has been a challenge as modifications were not always available for this new model when I brought her home two years ago. Many mods were done as one of the first or first few to try them out on this model and things didn't always work out on the first go. Loads of emails and phone calls to companies and the owners trying to make adjustments, and a lot of trial and error. Two different roof-rack setups, two sets of skid plates (not counting the OEM), two front light bar setups, and two different suspensions (again not counting OEM). Not to mention the debt that goes with it. Dang it children are expensive!

**Please note that The Doctor is often in really tight trials and comes with Badges of Honor she wears proudly!

Photos are in order of the build changes and progress. The main profile picture is the most recent.

Current Modifications:

🔸️✧✧ '22 Subaru Outback Wilderness ✧✧🔸️
@tacoma.subaru - amazing dealer!

🔸️✧✧ Location ✧✧🔸️
PNW- Washington State

🔸️✧✧ The Crews ✧✧🔸️
@maxtraxmicrocrew member 102

🔸️✧✧ Ambassadorships/Sponsors ✧✧🔸️
Luno Life

🔸️✧✧ The Mods ✧✧🔸️

🔸️2" All Terrain Suspension Lift
🔸️Awning with led lighting

🔸️Engine, Transmission, Gas, and Rear Differential Skid Plates
🔸️Bumper Bar

🔸️SS3 SAE/DOT Pro Combo pods on bumper bar and hood

🔸️Hood Light Brackets
🔸️Rock Sliders

🔸️8-Gang Switch Panel

🔸️Roof Rack
🔸️custom-painted Ridgeline handles
🔸️MaxTrax and RotoPax mounting hardware.

🔸️LED 40" Roof Rack Light Bar

🔸️Wildpeak A/T3W 225/65R-17 tires

🔸️Ghost Antena


@her necklace
🔸️Raptor style grill lights

Misc Gear:
Custom-painted shift paddle extensions to match copper accents.
@kickeraudio🔸️KS Series Speaker Upgrade
Suby Vinyl 🔸️Rear Window Decals 🔸️ Break Light Decal
@orsinivinylanddesigns 🔸️Emblem Overlays
@cruxmotorsports 🔸️Topo Map Overlays (Hood and back wings)
@maxtraxhq 🔸️MKII recovery boards
@rhinousa 🔸️Recovery Gear: Tree straps, shackles, D-rings, soft shackles, tool bag, tire repair kit.
@rotopaxofficial 🔸️4-Gal FuelPax 🔸️Mattress 🔸️Shoe Storage Bag 🔸️Privacy Curtains 🔸️Window Screens 🔸️Seatback Organizer
@Screenprotech🔸️HD Nav + Gloss Shift
@rovedashcameras 🔸️Rove R2 - 4K dash cam
@harborfreight 🔸️Apache 9800 case for gear storage.
@morrflate 🔸️ MorrFlate TenSix Air Compressor 🔸️MorrFlate Quad deflation/inflation hose
@weathertech 🔸️ Full vehicle sunshade kit
@napierOutdoors 🔸️ Napier Sportz Cove 61000
@jackeryusa 🔸️ Explorer 300 Power Station
@kammock 🔸️ Outpost hammock stand

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