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Portland International Raceway
** July 30, 2023 **

Owen P's 2016 BRZ Premium

Member #54815 :: Car Show Entry

Car Description:
Boosted and tastefully modded 2016 BRZ. This car has a full HKS turbo kit with supporting mods, Cosmis racing XT-206R white wheels, full yellow wrap, vland honeycomb tinted headlights, valenti smoked taillights & 4th brake light, legsport duckbill, updated 2017+ BRZ bumper, STI front lip, Carbon fiber fender garnish, BC racing coilovers, and many other smaller mods. Just about all of the modifications on this car were done by my brother and I. I bought the car fully stock in 2020, and knew very little about how to work on cars. My brother and I taught ourselves many new skills by learning how to install lots of parts. We learned how to install a full turbo kit and many other supporting mods all from YouTube videos. The night we finished the turbo kit in April 2022, we were up all night until 5AM. Many hours and days of work have been put into this car, and most likely more to come.

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