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DirtFish - Snoqualmie, WA
** August 7, 2022 **

Austin T's 2015 BRZ Base model

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Car Description:
I have a 2015 frs I’ve been modifying for the past three years to make a dedicated drift car a lot of sleepless nights trying to get it ready for the next drift event. As of right now it has a color shift midnight purple wrap, carbon fiber status gtx bucket seats with harnesses. I built a custom roll cage and a quick release tube front end. Motor modifications are IAG extreme short block with upgraded cams, valves and valve springs. I custom made a turbo kit using a Garrett gtx28 turbo on 25psi and on E85 the car makes 485whp. I also have fortune auto coil overs full pbm front angle kit for drift angle. I have pbm solid rear subframe bushings and pbm diff risers with a single piece drive shaft. I made a custom dual caliper hydraulic e brake lines for drifting. Also I made a sprinkler system that sprays all hot parts such as oil cooler , radiator and intercooler. On drift days I go through 8 tires and 25 gallons of e85. The car has no problem loosing traction at this power level. I’m running front overfenders but none in the rear because the angle kit pushes the wheels out inch and a half to fit the s13 tie rods and offset spacers. This car is known for the turbo noises it makes because I am running straight wastegate so it gives off the stutututu noise.I’m running -7 camber up front for grip at full lock while drifting and -2 in the rear for when the car squats on my grip wheels. Has a dent on passenger door from last drift event when I was tandeming with a r32 skyline and he spun out and tapped my door. This is a full drift car and it’s a good one these cars were meant to slide and be pushed to their limits. This is my first modified car I’ve ever built and it will forever be my favorite it’s what got me into drifting and the car scene. This car has been “totaled” three times during drift events but it keeps coming back I will never let it die but they should remove walls from tight corners lol. I love building cars to fullsend them and drive them to their fullest potential!!

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