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** July 30, 2023 **

Walker D's 2006 Outback 3.0R VDC Limited

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Car Description:
I wanted to build an overland-capable rig but still keep the "wagonness" of the 3rd gen Outback platform. Here it is, in all of it's Battlewagon glory! Since last year, the biggest change I made is going from 225/60/17 tires to 225/75/15s.

Otherwise, it has:
- Primitive Racing skidplate and diff plate
- 1" Rallitek overload springs front and rear
- Roofnest Falcon RTT mounted to Yakima HD bars
- Diode dynamics SS3 fog lights
- Wilco Offroad swing hitch with a full size and fuel storage
- Updated 08/09 taillights
- JDM 3.0R Spec B grille
- WeBoost Overland OTR Cell booster
- Scangauge III
- inReach SE Satellite communicator
- Midland MXT275 2-way radio with 3db ghost antenna
- custom camp box I made with my partner to house all of our camping wares. More will probably change on the car all the way up to the event, but I'm excited to attend my second BigNW meet! Best unintentional mod: damage on my right rear quarter panel from sliding into a rock while off-roading on a snowy mountain.

Future plans!
I have a set of JDM HID housings that I plan on doing a retrofit with new projectors/ballasts/ect in those. I'm also working to procure a JDM front bumper to round out the look. I'm also hoping to get custom spring rate coilovers to help with sag and adjustable trailing arms/subframe spacers as I've loaded this car down a ton. It's become the ultimate road trip vehicle, averaging around 23mpg completely loaded down. We've driven it all around Oregon, Washington, and Montana, and have driven it on a 7500 mile trip from Portland to DC and back in 2 weeks! I love this car to death and will do everything in my power to keep it on the road for years to come.

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