The largest Subaru enthusiast
festival in the Northwest

Portland International Raceway
Postponed until 2021

Activities for Dogs @ BNW

We'll have a variety of things going on throughout the day for our fuzzy four legged friends, and are some of the highlights to keep an eye out for. There are more on the way!
Be sure to buy your BNW tickets in advance!

Doggy Playground

Just like it sounds! There will be plenty of things for your pup to play with and jump on and other dogs to socialize with.

Pet Musical Chairs

Just like it sounds! You will be joined with other competitors as you circle around a group of chairs. When the music stops, you AND your pooch must sit and remain sitting, in order to stay in the game. If you can’t BOTH sit for a determined amount of time, you'll be out! More info soon.

Pet Costume Contest

Dress up and present your dog's look to a panel of judges. Most creative costume wins! (Pet Costume contingent on a minimum of three entries)

Silly Pet Tricks

As we all know, there is something that your pet can do that most can’t, and here is your chance to show it off to all that attend! Get to practicing, we would love to see it and the crowd will judge with applause!!! And it does not have to be SILLY, it can be an AMAZING talent that your pet has. So bring him/her around, it's not everyday that they get to be the star of the show! More info soon.