The largest Subaru enthusiast
festival in the Northwest

DirtFish - Snoqualmie, WA
** August 7, 2022 **

About Dark MatterX:
Dark MatterX engineers high end solutions that improve driving performance, while also providing transparency to customers and the community behind the engineering process.

Why we love Big Northwest:
Subiefest brings Subaru and car enthusiasts together in one location. It provides a great venue for both businesses and owners to interact in ways that they would otherwise not have the opportunity to.

Why you should come to our booth at BNW 2022:
Dark MatterX will be showcasing OEM manual Subaru shifter's versus Dark MatterX shifting products. Both the OEM shifters and Dark MatterX shifters will be set up on their own test stands which are side by side, so that the general public can see and feel the difference!

What we're giving away at BNW 2022:
CNC Machined Aluminum Gift Card ($200)

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